AUTOSAR 18-10 Standard mapped to Klocwork and community C and C++ checkers - Strict

You can use the AUTOSAR C++14 Strict taxonomy to ensure compliance with the AUTOSAR C++14 Standard, release 18-10. The AUTOSAR C++14 (18-10) taxonomy detects violations of our both our Klocwork C/C++ checkers, our MISRA checkers, and our Klocwork community checkers. This taxonomy includes coverage for additional rules compared to the non-strict version.

Rule Klocwork Checker Code and Description
A0-1-2 (req.)

MISRA.FUNC.UNUSEDRET  Return value of a non-void function is not used

A0-1-4 (req.)

MISRA.FUNC.UNUSEDPAR  Formal parameter of a non-virtual function is not used

A0-1-5 (req.)

MISRA.FUNC.VIRTUAL.UNUSEDPAR  Formal parameter of a virtual function set is not used

A0-4-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.TYPE.LONG_DOUBLE  Type long double shall not be used

A2-5-1 (req.)


A2-5-2 (req.)


A2-10-1 (req.)

MISRA.VAR.HIDDEN  Identifier declared in an inner scope hides identifier in outer scope

A2-10-5 (adv.)

MISRA.VAR.UNIQUE.STATIC  Identifier with static storage specifier clashes with other identifier

A2-10-6 (req.)

MISRA.TYPE.NAMECLASH.CPP.2008  Identifier in one name space has same spelling as identifier in other name space

A2-11-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.TYPE.QUAL.VOLATILE  The volatile type qualifier shall not be used

A2-13-1 (req.)

MISRA.TOKEN.WRONGESC  Incorrect escape sequence in a literal

A2-13-2 (req.)

MISRA.STRINGS.CONCAT  Narrow and wide string literals concatenated

A2-13-3 (req.)

AUTOSAR.TYPE.WCHAR_T  Type wchar_t shall not be used

A2-13-4 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.STR.TO.NON.CONST  String literals shall not be assigned to non-constant pointers

A2-13-5 (adv.)

AUTOSAR.HEX.UPPER  Hexadecimal constants should be upper case

A3-1-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.ONEDEFRULE.FUNC  Function is violating one definition rule

AUTOSAR.ADD.ONEDEFRULE.VAR  Variable is violating one definition rule

MISRA.ONEDEFRULE.FUNC  Global function definition in a header file

MISRA.ONEDEFRULE.VAR  Global variable definition in a header file

A3-1-3 (adv.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.FILE.EXT  Local implementation files not having .cpp file extension

A3-1-4 (req.)

MISRA.DECL.ARRAY_SIZE  Declaration of array with unknown size

A3-1-5 (req.)

AUTOSAR.FUNC.INLINE_DEF  A function definition shall only be placed in a class definition if (1) the function is intended to be inlined (2); it is a member function template; (3) it is a member function of a class template

A3-3-1 (req.)

MISRA.LINKAGE.EXTERN  Object or function declaration with external linkage not in header file

A3-9-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.BUILTIN_NUMERIC  Fixed width integer types from <cstdint> shall be used in place of the basic numerical types

A4-5-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.ENUM.OP  Enum shall not be used in arithmetic context

MISRA.ENUM.OPERAND  Expression of enum type is used in arithmetic context

A4-7-1 (req.)

NUM.OVERFLOW  Possible Overflow

PRECISION.LOSS  Loss of Precision

A4-10-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.NULLPTR  Only nullptr literal shall be used as the null-pointer-constant

A5-0-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.EXPR.EVAL.MULTI.CALL  The value of an expression shall be the same under any order of evaluation that the standard permits

AUTOSAR.ADD.EXPR.EVAL.VOLATILE  The value of an expression shall be the same under any order of evaluation that the standard permits

PORTING.VAR.EFFECTS  Variable used twice in one expression where one usage is subject to side-effects

A5-0-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.COND.NOT.BOOL  The condition of an if-statement and iteration statement shall have type bool

AUTOSAR.ADD.LOGIC.NOT_BOOL  The condition of an if-statement and iteration statement shall have type bool

MISRA.STMT.COND.NOT_BOOLEAN  Condition of if or loop statement is not a boolean expression

A5-0-3 (req.)

MISRA.PTR.TO_PTR_TO_PTR  Pointer declaration has more than two levels of indirection

A5-1-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.LITERAL  Literal values shall not be used apart from type initialization

A5-1-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.LAMBDA.IMPLICIT_CAPTURE  Variables shall not be implicitly captured in a lambda expression

A5-1-3 (req.)

AUTOSAR.LAMBDA.NO_PARAM_LIST  Parameter list (possibly empty) shall be included in every lambda expression

A5-1-4 (req.)

AUTOSAR.LAMBDA.REF_LIFETIME  A lambda expression object shall not outlive any of its reference-captured objects

A5-1-6 (adv.)

AUTOSAR.LAMBDA.IMPLICIT_RETURN_TYPE  Return type of a non-void return type lambda expression should be explicitly specified

A5-1-7 (req.)

AUTOSAR.LAMBDA.TYPE_OPERAND  A lambda shall not be an operand to decltype or typeid

A5-1-8 (adv.)

AUTOSAR.LAMBDA.NESTED  Lambda expressions should not be defined inside another lambda expression

A5-2-1 (adv.)

AUTOSAR.CAST.DYNAMIC  dynamic_cast should not be used

A5-2-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.CAST.CSTYLE  Traditional C-style casts shall not be used

A5-2-3 (req.)

MISRA.CAST.CONST  Cast operation removes const or volatile modifier from a pointer or reference

A5-2-4 (req.)

AUTOSAR.CAST.REINTERPRET  reinterpret_cast shall not be used

A5-2-5 (req.)

ABV.ANY_SIZE_ARRAY  Buffer Overflow - Array Index Out of Bounds

ABV.GENERAL  Buffer Overflow - Array Index Out of Bounds

ABV.ITERATOR  Buffer Overflow - Array Index may be out of Bounds

ABV.MEMBER  Buffer Overflow - Array Index Out of Bounds

ABV.STACK  Buffer Overflow - Local Array Index Out of Bounds

ABV.TAINTED  Buffer Overflow from Unvalidated Input

ABV.UNICODE.BOUND_MAP  Buffer overflow in mapping character function

ABV.UNICODE.FAILED_MAP  Mapping function failed

ABV.UNICODE.NNTS_MAP  Buffer overflow in mapping character function

ABV.UNICODE.SELF_MAP  Mapping function failed

ABV.UNKNOWN_SIZE  Buffer Overflow - Array Index Out of Bounds

A5-2-6 (req.)

MISRA.LOGIC.POSTFIX  Operand in a logical 'and' or 'or' expression is not a postfix expression

A5-3-2 (req.)

NPD.CHECK.CALL.MIGHT  Pointer may be passed to function that can dereference it after it was positively checked for NULL

NPD.CHECK.CALL.MUST  Pointer will be passed to function that may dereference it after it was positively checked for NULL

NPD.CHECK.MIGHT  Pointer may be dereferenced after it was positively checked for NULL

NPD.CHECK.MUST  Pointer will be dereferenced after it was positively checked for NULL

NPD.CONST.CALL  NULL is passed to function that can dereference it

NPD.CONST.DEREF  NULL is dereferenced

NPD.FUNC.CALL.MIGHT  Result of function that may return NULL may be passed to another function that may dereference it

NPD.FUNC.CALL.MUST  Result of function that may return NULL will be passed to another function that may dereference it

NPD.FUNC.MIGHT  Result of function that can return NULL may be dereferenced

NPD.FUNC.MUST  Result of function that may return NULL will be dereferenced

NPD.GEN.CALL.MIGHT  Null pointer may be passed to function that may dereference it

NPD.GEN.CALL.MUST  Null pointer will be passed to function that may dereference it

NPD.GEN.MIGHT  Null pointer may be dereferenced

NPD.GEN.MUST  Null pointer will be dereferenced

A5-6-1 (req.)

DBZ.CONST  Division by a zero constant occurs

DBZ.CONST.CALL  The value '0' is passed to function that can use this value as divisor

DBZ.GENERAL  Division by zero might occur

DBZ.ITERATOR  Division by zero might occur in a loop iterator

A5-10-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.VIRTUAL.PTR_COMPARE  A pointer to member virtual function shall only be tested for equality with null-pointer-constant

A5-16-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.TERNARY.NESTED  The ternary conditional operator shall not be used as a sub-expression

A6-2-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.ASSIGN.OP.SIDE.EFFECT  Move and copy assignment operators shall either move or respectively copy base classes and data members of a class, without any side effects

A6-4-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.SWITCH.CASECOUNT  A switch statement shall have at least two case-clauses, distinct from the default label

A6-5-2 (req.)

MISRA.FOR.COUNTER.FLT  For loop counter has a floating point type

MISRA.FOR.COUNTER.MANY  Many counters in a for loop

A6-5-3 (adv.)

AUTOSAR.DO  Do statements should not be used

A6-5-4 (adv.)

MISRA.FOR.COUNTER.MANY  Many counters in a for loop

A6-6-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.GOTO  The goto statement shall not be used

A7-1-1 (req.)

MISRA.VAR.NEEDS.CONST  Variable is not modified but is declared without const qualifier

A7-1-3 (req.)

AUTOSAR.TYPEDEF.CVQ_EAST  CV-qualifiers shall be placed on the right hand side of the type that is a typedef or a using name

A7-1-4 (req.)

AUTOSAR.REGISTER  The register keyword shall not be used

A7-1-5 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.AUTO.SPECIFIER  The auto specifier shall not be used here

A7-1-6 (req.)

AUTOSAR.TYPEDEF  The typedef specifier shall not be used

A7-1-7 (req.)

AUTOSAR.STYLE.SINGLE_DECL_PER_LINE  Each expression statement and identifier declaration shall be placed on a separate line

AUTOSAR.STYLE.SINGLE_STMT_PER_LINE  Each expression statement and identifier declaration shall be placed on a separate line

A7-1-8 (req.)

AUTOSAR.DECL.NONTYPE_SPECIFIER  A non-type specifier shall be placed before a type specifier in a declaration

A7-1-9 (req.)

AUTOSAR.DECL.IN_DEFN  A class, structure, or enumeration shall not be declared in the definition of its type

A7-2-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ENUM.EXPLICIT_BASE_TYPE  Enumeration underlying base type shall be explicitly defined

A7-2-3 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ENUM.UNSCOPED  Enumerations shall be declared as scoped enum classes

A7-2-4 (req.)

MISRA.ENUM.INIT  Non-first enumerator is explicitly initialized, but not all elements are explicitly initialized.

A7-3-1 (req.)

MISRA.NS.USING_DECL  Multiple declarations for an identifier in the same namespace should not straddle a using-declaration for that identifier

A7-4-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ASM  The asm declaration shall not be used

A7-5-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.RTN.REF.CONST.PARAM  A function shall not return a reference or a pointer to a parameter that is passed by reference to const

A7-5-2 (req.)

MISRA.FUNC.RECUR  Recursive function

A8-2-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.FUNC.TEMPLATE.TRAIL.RTN  In function templates, the trailing return type syntax shall be used if the return type depends on the type of parameters

A8-4-1 (req.)

MISRA.FUNC.VARARG  Function with variable number of arguments

A8-4-2 (req.)

FUNCRET.GEN  Non-void function does not return value

A8-5-0 (req.)

UNINIT.CTOR.MIGHT  Uninitialized Variable in Constructor - possible

UNINIT.CTOR.MUST  Uninitialized Variable in Constructor

UNINIT.HEAP.MIGHT  Uninitialized Heap Use - possible

UNINIT.HEAP.MUST  Uninitialized Heap Use

UNINIT.STACK.ARRAY.MIGHT  Uninitialized Array - possible

UNINIT.STACK.ARRAY.MUST  Uninitialized Array

UNINIT.STACK.ARRAY.PARTIAL.MUST  Partially Uninitialized Array

UNINIT.STACK.MIGHT  Uninitialized Variable - possible

UNINIT.STACK.MUST  Uninitialized Variable

A8-5-1 (req.)

CWARN.MEMBER.INIT.ORDER  Members of the initialization list are not listed in the order in which they are declared in the class

A8-5-3 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.AUTO.INIT.FORMAT  A variable of type auto shall not be initialized using {} or ={} braced-initialization.

A8-5-4 (adv.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.CTOR.INIT.LIST  If a class has a user-declared constructor that takes a parameter of type std::initializer_list, then it shall be the only constructor apart from special member function constructors

A9-3-1 (req.)

MISRA.RET.REF.NON_CONST  Member function returns non-const handle to member variable

A9-5-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.UNION  Unions shall not be used

A10-2-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.REDEF.DERIVED.FUNC  Non-virtual public or protected member functions shall not be redefined in derived classes.

A10-3-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.MEMB.VIRTUAL.SPEC  Virtual function declaration shall contain exactly one of the three specifiers: (1) virtual, (2) override, (3) final.

A10-3-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.OVERRIDE.VIRTUAL.SPECIFIER  Each overriding virtual function shall be declared with the override or final specifier

A10-3-3 (req.)

AUTOSAR.MEMB.VIRTUAL.FINAL  Virtual functions shall not be introduced in a final class

A10-3-5 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.ASSIGN.OP.VIRTUAL  A user-defined assignment operator shall not be virtual

A11-3-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.FRIEND_DECL  Friend declarations shall not be used

A12-1-1 (req.)

MISRA.CTOR.BASE  Constructor does not explicitly call constructor of its base class

A12-1-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.CTOR.NSDMI_INIT_LIST  Both NSDMI and a non-static member initializer in a constructor shall not be used in the same type

A12-1-4 (req.)

AUTOSAR.CTOR.NO_EXPLICIT  All constructors that are callable with a single argument of fundamental type shall be declared explicit

A12-4-1 (req.)

CL.MLK.VIRTUAL  Memory Leak - possible in destructor

A12-4-2 (adv.)

AUTOSAR.DTOR.NON_VIRTUAL  If a public destructor of a class is non-virtual, then the class should be declared final

A12-6-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ADD.CTOR.MEMBER.INIT  All class data members that are initialized by the constructor shall be initialized using member initializers

A12-8-4 (req.)

AUTOSAR.CTOR.MOVE.COPY_SEMANTICS  Move constructor shall not initialize its class members and base classes using copy semantics

A12-8-5 (req.)

CL.SELF-ASSIGN  Use of free memory (double free) - in operator=

A12-8-7 (adv.)

AUTOSAR.ASSIGN.REF_QUAL  Assignment operators should be declared with the ref-qualifier &

A13-1-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.OP.LITERAL.SUFFIX  User defined suffixes of the user defined literal operators shall start with underscore followed by one or more letters

A13-2-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ASSIGN.RETURN  An assignment operator shall return a reference to "this"

A13-2-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.OP.BINARY.RETVAL  A binary arithmetic operator and a bitwise operator shall return a "prvalue"

A13-2-3 (req.)

AUTOSAR.OP.RELATIONAL.RETVAL  A relational operator shall return a boolean value

A13-5-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.OP.INDEX.NON_CONST  If "operator[]" is to be overloaded with a non-const version, const version shall also be implemented

A13-5-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.OP.CONV.NON_EXPLICIT  All user-defined conversion operators shall be defined explicit

A13-5-3 (adv.)

AUTOSAR.OP.CONV  User-defined conversion operators should not be used

A13-5-5 (req.)

AUTOSAR.OP.COMPARE.MEMBER  Comparison operators shall be non-member functions

AUTOSAR.OP.COMPARE.NON_NOEXCEPT  Comparison operators shall be noexcept

AUTOSAR.OP.COMPARE.PARAMS  Comparison operators shall have identical parameter types

A13-6-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.DIGIT_SEPARATORS  Digit sequences separators ' shall only be used as follows (1) for decimal, every 3 digits, (2) for hexadecimal, every 2 digits, (3) for binary, every 4 digits

A14-5-1 (req.)

MISRA.COPY.CSTR.TMPL  Class has a template constructor with a single generic parameter, but has no copy constructor defined

A14-5-3 (adv.)

AUTOSAR.OP.TMPL.NON_MEMBER  A non-member generic operator shall only be declared in a namespace that does not contain class (struct) type, enum type or union type declarations

A14-7-2 (req.)

MISRA.SPEC.SAMEFILE  Template specialization and its primary template are declared in different files

A14-8-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.FUNC.TMPL.EXPLICIT_SPEC  Explicit specializations of function templates shall not be used

A15-1-2 (req.)

MISRA.THROW.PTR  Exception object is a pointer

A15-1-4 (req.)

MLK.MIGHT  Memory Leak - possible

MLK.MUST  Memory Leak

MLK.RET.MIGHT  Memory Leak - possible

MLK.RET.MUST  Memory Leak

A15-2-2 (req.)

CL.MLK  Memory Leak - in destructor

A15-3-3 (req.)

MISRA.CATCH.ALL  No ellipsis exception handler in a try-catch block

A15-3-5 (req.)

MISRA.CATCH.BY_VALUE  Exception object of class type is caught by value

A15-4-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.EXCPT.DYNAMIC_SPEC  Dynamic exception-specification shall not be used

A15-4-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.EXCPT.NOEXCPT_THROW  If a function is declared to be noexcept, noexcept(true) or noexcept(<true condition>), then it shall not exit with an exception

A15-5-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.EXCPT.SPECIAL_MEMBER_THROW  All user-provided class destructors, deallocation functions, move constructors, move assignment operators and swap functions shall not exit with an exception

A15-5-2 (req.)

MISRA.STDLIB.ABORT  Use of 'abort', 'exit', 'getenv' or 'system' from library stdlib.h

A16-0-1 (req.)

MISRA.USE.DEFINE  Non-guarding macro definition

A16-2-1 (req.)

MISRA.INCL.SYMS  Non-standard characters in header file names

A16-7-1 (req.)

MISRA.PRAGMA  Non-documented pragma directive

A17-0-1 (req.)

MISRA.DEFINE.WRONGNAME  Usage of a name from the standard library for naming a macro

MISRA.DEFINE.WRONGNAME.UNDERSCORE  Usage of a reserved name for naming a macro

A18-0-1 (req.)

MISRA.EXPANSION.UNSAFE  Unsafe macro usage

A18-0-2 (req.)

MISRA.STDLIB.ATOI  Use of 'atof', 'atoi' or 'atol' from library stdlib.h

A18-0-3 (req.)

AUTOSAR.SETLOCALE  The library <clocale> (locale.h) and the setlocale function shall not be used

A18-1-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.ARRAY.CSTYLE  C-style arrays shall not be used

A18-1-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.VECTOR.BOOL  The std::vector<bool> specialization shall not be used

A18-1-3 (req.)

AUTOSAR.AUTO_PTR  The std::auto_ptr type shall not be used

A18-5-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.STDLIB.MEMORY  Functions malloc, calloc, realloc and free shall not be used

A18-5-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.OP.NEW_DELETE  Non-placement new or delete expressions shall not be used

A18-5-3 (req.)

FMM.MIGHT  Freeing Mismatched Memory - possible

FMM.MUST  Freeing Mismatched Memory

A18-5-4 (req.)

AUTOSAR.OP.DELETE.MISSING_VERSION  If a project has sized or unsized version of operator "delete" globally defined, then both sized and unsized versions shall be defined

A18-5-11 (req.)

AUTOSAR.OP.NEW_NO_DELETE  "operator new" and "operator delete" shall be defined together

A18-9-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.STDLIB.BIND  The std::bind shall not be used

A18-9-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.FORWARD  Forwarding values to other functions shall be done via: (1) std::move if the value is an rvalue reference, (2) std::forward if the value is forwarding reference

A18-9-3 (req.)

AUTOSAR.STDLIB.MOVE.CONST  The std::move shall not be used on objects declared const or const&

A21-8-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.STDLIB.CCTYPE.UCHAR  Arguments to character-handling functions defined in <cctype> shall be representable as an unsigned char

A26-5-1 (req.)

AUTOSAR.STDLIB.RAND  Pseudorandom numbers shall not be generated using std::rand()

AUTOSAR.STDLIB.RANDOM_SHUFFLE  Pseudorandom numbers shall not be generated using std::rand()

A26-5-2 (req.)

AUTOSAR.STDLIB.RANDOM.NBR_GEN_DEFAULT_INIT  Random number engines shall not be default-initialized

A27-0-2 (adv.)

NNTS.MIGHT  Buffer Overflow - Non-null Terminated String

NNTS.MUST  Buffer Overflow - Non-null Terminated String

NNTS.TAINTED  Unvalidated User Input Causing Buffer Overflow - Non-Null Terminated String

SV.UNBOUND_STRING_INPUT.CIN  Usage of cin for unbounded string input

SV.UNBOUND_STRING_INPUT.FUNC  Usage of unbounded string input

A27-0-4 (req.)

SV.BANNED.RECOMMENDED.ALLOCA  Banned recommended API: stack allocation functions

SV.BANNED.RECOMMENDED.NUMERIC  Banned recommended API: unsafe numeric conversion functions

SV.BANNED.RECOMMENDED.OEM  Banned recommended API: OEM character page conversion functions

SV.BANNED.RECOMMENDED.PATH  Banned recommended API: unsafe path name manipulation functions

SV.BANNED.RECOMMENDED.SCANF  Banned recommended API: unsafe scanf-type functions

SV.BANNED.RECOMMENDED.SPRINTF  Banned recommended API: unsafe sprintf-type functions

SV.BANNED.RECOMMENDED.STRLEN  Banned recommended API: unsafe string length functions

SV.BANNED.RECOMMENDED.TOKEN  Banned recommended API: unsafe string tokenizing functions

SV.BANNED.RECOMMENDED.WINDOW  Banned recommended API: unsafe window functions

M0-1-1 (req.)

UNREACH.ENUM  Code is unreachable due to the possible value(s) of an enum

UNREACH.GEN  Unreachable code

UNREACH.RETURN  Unreachable Void Return

M0-1-2 (req.)

CWARN.NOEFFECT.UCMP.GE  Comparison of unsigned value against 0 is always true

CWARN.NOEFFECT.UCMP.GE.MACRO  Comparison of unsigned value against 0 within a macro is always true

CWARN.NOEFFECT.UCMP.LT  Comparison of unsigned value against 0 is always false

CWARN.NOEFFECT.UCMP.LT.MACRO  Comparison of unsigned value against 0 within a macro is always false

M0-1-3 (req.)

LV_UNUSED.GEN  Local variable unused

M0-1-9 (req.)

VA_UNUSED.GEN  Value is Never Used after Assignment

VA_UNUSED.INIT  Value is Never Used after Initialization

M0-1-10 (adv.)

UNUSED.FUNC.GEN  Function defined but not used

M0-2-1 (req.)

MISRA.ASSIGN.OVERLAP  Object is assigned to an overlapping object

M2-7-1 (req.)

MISRA.TOKEN.BADCOM  Inappropriate character sequence in a comment

M2-13-2 (req.)

MISRA.TOKEN.OCTAL.ESCAPE  Usage of octal escape sequences

MISRA.TOKEN.OCTAL.INT  Usage of octal integer constants

M2-13-3 (req.)

MISRA.LITERAL.UNSIGNED.SUFFIX  Unsigned integer literal without 'U' suffix

M2-13-4 (req.)

MISRA.LITERAL.SUFFIX.CASE  Literal suffix in lower case.

M3-1-2 (req.)

MISRA.DECL.FUNC_LOCAL  Function is declared locally

M3-2-1 (req.)

MISRA.OBJ.TYPE.COMPAT  Type not compatible with type of other declaration

M3-3-2 (req.)

MISRA.FUNC.STATIC.REDECL  Function or object redeclaration does not include 'static' modifier

M3-4-1 (req.)

MISRA.VAR.MIN.VIS  Name visibility is too wide

M3-9-1 (req.)

MISRA.OBJ.TYPE.IDENT  Type not identical with type of other declaration

M3-9-3 (req.)

MISRA.FLOAT.BIT.REPR  Use of bit manipulations of floating-point values which rely on storage layout

M4-5-1 (req.)

MISRA.LOGIC.OPERATOR.NOT_BOOL  Operand of non-logical operator is effectively boolean

M4-5-3 (req.)

MISRA.CHAR.OPERAND  Expression of type 'char' or 'wchar_t' is used as non-character operand

M4-10-1 (req.)

MISRA.LITERAL.NULL.INT  NULL used as an integer value.

M4-10-2 (req.)

MISRA.LITERAL.NULL.PTR  Literal zero used as the null-pointer-constant.

M5-0-2 (adv.)

MISRA.EXPR.PARENS.INSUFFICIENT  Limited dependence required for operator precedence rules in expressions

MISRA.EXPR.PARENS.REDUNDANT  Limited dependence required for operator precedence rules in expressions

M5-0-3 (req.)

MISRA.CVALUE.IMPL.CAST.CPP  The value of an expression implicitly converted to a different type

M5-0-4 (req.)

MISRA.CONV.INT.SIGN  Implicit integral conversion changes signedness

M5-0-5 (req.)

MISRA.CONV.FLOAT  Implicit floating-point conversion

M5-0-6 (req.)

MISRA.CONV.NUM.NARROWER  Implicit numeric conversion to narrower type

M5-0-7 (req.)

MISRA.CAST.FLOAT_INT  Cast of floating point expression to integral type

MISRA.CAST.INT_FLOAT  Cast of integral expression to floating point type

M5-0-8 (req.)

MISRA.CAST.FLOAT.WIDER  Cast of floating point expression to a wider floating point type

MISRA.CAST.INT.WIDER  Cast of integral expression to a wider integral type

M5-0-9 (req.)

MISRA.CAST.INT.SIGN  Non-trivial integral expression is cast to type with different signedness

M5-0-10 (req.)

MISRA.CAST.UNSIGNED_BITS  The result of bitwise operation on unsigned char or short is not cast back to original type

M5-0-11 (req.)

MISRA.CHAR.NOT_CHARACTER  'char' is used for non-character value

M5-0-12 (req.)

MISRA.SIGNED_CHAR.NOT_NUMERIC  'signed char' or 'unsigned char' is used for non-numeric value

M5-0-14 (req.)

MISRA.EXPR.COND.NOT_BOOLEAN  First operand of conditional expression is not a boolean expression

M5-0-15 (req.)

MISRA.PTR.ARITH  Pointer is used in arithmetic or array index expression

M5-0-16 (req.)

MISRA.PTR.ARITH.NOT_SAME.2008  A pointer resulting from arithmetic on a pointer operand shall address an element of the same array as that pointer operand

M5-0-20 (req.)

MISRA.BITS.OPERAND  Operands of bitwise operation have different underlying types

M5-0-21 (req.)

MISRA.BITS.NOT_UNSIGNED  Operand of bitwise operation is not unsigned integer

MISRA.BITS.NOT_UNSIGNED.PREP  Operand of bitwise operation is not unsigned integer

M5-2-2 (req.)

MISRA.CAST.PTR.VRCLASS  A cast form pointer to a virtual base class to pointer to a derived class does not use 'dynamic_cast'

M5-2-3 (adv.)

MISRA.CAST.POLY.TYPE  Cast from a polymorphic base class to a derived class

M5-2-6 (req.)

MISRA.CAST.FUNC_PTR.CPP  Cast converts function pointer to other pointer type

M5-2-8 (req.)

MISRA.CAST.INT_TO_PTR  Object with integer type or pointer to void cast to pointer type

M5-2-9 (req.)

MISRA.CAST.PTR_TO_INT  Cast between a pointer and an integral type

M5-2-10 (req.)

MISRA.INCR_DECR.OTHER  Increment or decrement operator is mixed with other operators in expression

M5-2-11 (req.)

MISRA.BIN_OP.OVERLOAD  Comma, || or && operator overloaded

M5-2-12 (req.)

MISRA.FUNC.ARRAY.PARAMS  Function argument with array type decay to a pointer

M5-3-1 (req.)

MISRA.LOGIC.NOT_BOOL  Operand of logical operation is not boolean

M5-3-2 (req.)

MISRA.UMINUS.UNSIGNED  Operand of unary minus is unsigned

M5-3-3 (req.)

MISRA.UN_OP.OVERLOAD  Unary & operator is overloaded

M5-3-4 (req.)

MISRA.SIZEOF.SIDE_EFFECT  Operand of sizeof has side effects

M5-8-1 (req.)

MISRA.SHIFT.RANGE  Right operand of shift operation is out of range - greater or equal to max bit-length of left operand, or negative

M5-14-1 (req.)

MISRA.LOGIC.SIDEEFF  Right operand in a logical 'and' or 'or' expression contains side effects

M5-18-1 (req.)

MISRA.COMMA  Comma operator is used

M5-19-1 (req.)

MISRA.COMP.WRAPAROUND  Wrap-around in a condition

MISRA.ELIF.WRAPAROUND  Wrap-around in #elif directive

M6-2-1 (req.)

MISRA.ASSIGN.COND  Assignment operator is used in a condition

MISRA.ASSIGN.SUBEXPR  Assignment operator is used in a sub-expression outside a condition

M6-2-2 (req.)

MISRA.FLOAT_EQUAL  Floating point expression is tested for equality

M6-2-3 (req.)

MISRA.NULL.STMT  Null statement is not the only statement on line or comments are placed incorrectly

M6-3-1 (req.)

MISRA.STMT.NO_COMPOUND  The body of switch, while, do/while or for statement is not a compound statement

M6-4-1 (req.)

MISRA.IF.NO_COMPOUND  The body of if/else statement is not a compound statement

M6-4-2 (req.)

MISRA.IF.NO_ELSE  A chain of if/else-if statements is not terminated with else or is terminated with an empty else clause

M6-4-3 (req.)

MISRA.SWITCH.NOT_WELL_FORMED  Switch statement is not well-formed

M6-4-4 (req.)

MISRA.SWITCH.LABEL  A switch label belongs to nested compound statement inside switch body

M6-4-5 (req.)

MISRA.SWITCH.NO_BREAK  No break or throw statement at the end of switch-clause

M6-4-6 (req.)

MISRA.SWITCH.NODEFAULT  No default clause at the end of a switch statement

M6-4-7 (req.)

MISRA.SWITCH.BOOL  Condition of switch statement is boolean expression

M6-5-2 (req.)

MISRA.FOR.COND.EQ  ++ or -- operations are not used to change loop counter, but condition tests loop counter for equality

M6-5-3 (req.)

MISRA.FOR.COND.CHANGE  For loop counter is modified within the loop condition section

MISRA.FOR.STMT.CHANGE  For loop counter is modified within the loop statement

M6-5-4 (req.)

MISRA.FOR.INCR  For loop counter is modified in an inappropriate way

M6-5-5 (req.)

MISRA.FOR.LOOP_CONTROL.CHANGE.COND  Loop control variable is modified in condition section of a for loop

MISRA.FOR.LOOP_CONTROL.CHANGE.EXPR  Loop control variable is modified in expression section of a for loop

M6-5-6 (req.)

MISRA.FOR.LOOP_CONTROL.NOT_BOOLEAN  Loop control variable is not boolean

M6-6-1 (req.)

MISRA.GOTO.NESTED  Goto to a label declared in a nested compound statement

M6-6-2 (req.)

MISRA.GOTO.AFTER.LABEL  Unconstrained use of goto

M6-6-3 (req.)

MISRA.CONTINUE.ILL  Continue statement is used in an ill-formed for loop

M7-1-2 (req.)

MISRA.PPARAM.NEEDS.CONST  Pointer parameter is not used to modify the addressed object but is not declared as a pointer to const

M7-3-1 (req.)

MISRA.NS.GLOBAL  Function, variable or type declaration in global namespace

MISRA.NS.GLOBAL.USING  Using directive or declaration in global namespace

M7-3-2 (req.)

MISRA.NS.MAIN  Non-global function with name 'main' is defined

M7-3-3 (req.)

MISRA.NAMESPACE.UNMD  Unnamed namespace in header file

M7-3-4 (req.)

MISRA.NS.USING_DIR  Using directive

M7-3-6 (req.)

MISRA.NAMESPACE.DECL  Using-declaration in header file

MISRA.NAMESPACE.DIR  Using-directive in header file

MISRA.NS.USING.HEADER  Using directive or declaration is used in a header file

M7-4-2 (req.)

MISRA.PRAGMA.ASM  Incorrect assembler instruction

M7-4-3 (req.)

MISRA.ASM.ENCAPS  Assembly language is not isolated.

M8-0-1 (req.)

MISRA.DECL.MANY_DCLS  More than one declarator in one declaration

M8-3-1 (req.)

MISRA.SAME.DEFPARAMS  Overriding virtual function and the function it overrides have different default arguments

M8-4-2 (req.)

MISRA.FUNC.PARAMS.IDENT  Identifiers used in declaration and definition of function are not identical

M8-4-4 (req.)

MISRA.FUNC.ADDR  Address of a function is used without & operator

M8-5-2 (req.)

MISRA.INIT.BRACES  Incorrect initializer braces placement.

M9-3-1 (req.)

MISRA.CONST.RET.NON_CONST  Constant member function returns non-const pointer to member variable

M9-3-3 (req.)

MISRA.MEMB.NON_CONST  Non-const member function does not change any member variables

MISRA.MEMB.NON_STATIC  Non-static member function does not use other non-static members of the same class

M9-6-4 (req.)

MISRA.BITFIELD.SIGNED  Length of a named signed bit-field is less than 2

M10-1-1 (adv.)

MISRA.DERIVE.VIRTUAL  Class is derived from virtual base

M10-1-2 (req.)

MISRA.VIRTUAL.BASE.DIAMOND  Base class is used as virtual not in diamond hierarchy

M10-1-3 (req.)

MISRA.BASE.VIRTUAL.NOTVIRTUAL  Base class is used as both virtual and not virtual in inheritance hierarchy

M10-2-1 (adv.)

MISRA.BASE.IDS.UNIQUE  Member name is used twice in inheritance hierarchy

M10-3-3 (req.)

MISRA.PUREVIRT.OVRD  Pure virtual function overrides a non pure virtual function

M11-0-1 (req.)

MISRA.MEMB.NOT_PRIVATE  Member variable in non-POD class is not private

M12-1-1 (req.)

MISRA.CTOR.DYNAMIC  Object's dynamic type is used from the body of its constructor

MISRA.DTOR.DYNAMIC  Object's dynamic type is used from the body of its destructor

M14-5-3 (req.)

MISRA.COPYASSIGN.TMPL  A copy ssignment operator should be defined when class has a template copy assignment operator with a single generic parameter

M14-6-1 (req.)

MISRA.TEMPLMEM.NOQUAL  In an instantiated template a member declared in a dependant base is used without a qualificator or 'this'

M15-0-3 (req.)

MISRA.TRY.JUMP  Control can be transferred into a try block with goto or switch statement

M15-1-2 (req.)

MISRA.THROW.NULL  NULL is thrown explicitly

M15-1-3 (req.)

MISRA.THROW.EMPTY  Empty throw expression does not belong to a catch block

M15-3-3 (req.)

MISRA.CTOR.TRY.NON_STATIC  Function try/catch block of constructor or destructor references non-static members

M15-3-6 (req.)

MISRA.CATCH.WRONGORD  Handler for a base exception class precedes to a handler for a derived exception class in a try-catch block

M15-3-7 (req.)

MISRA.CATCH.NOALL  Ellipsis exception handler is not the last one in a try-catch block

M16-0-1 (req.)

MISRA.INCL.INSIDE  Include directive preceded by a preprocessor output token

M16-0-2 (req.)

MISRA.DEFINE.NOTGLOBAL  Define not at the global level

MISRA.UNDEF.NOTGLOBAL  Undef not at the global level

M16-0-5 (req.)

MISRA.EXPANSION.DIRECTIVE  Directive-like tokens within a macro argument

M16-0-6 (req.)

MISRA.DEFINE.NOPARS  Macro parameter with no parentheses

M16-0-7 (req.)

MISRA.ELIF.UNDEF  Undefined macros in #elif directive

MISRA.IF.UNDEF  Undefined macros in #if directive

M16-0-8 (req.)

MISRA.USE.UNKNOWNDIR  Unknown preprocessor directive is used

M16-1-1 (req.)

MISRA.ELIF.DEFINED  Incorrect 'defined' usage in #elif directive

MISRA.IF.DEFINED  Incorrect 'defined' usage in #if directive

M16-1-2 (req.)

MISRA.ELIF.OTHERFILE  #elif in an improper file

MISRA.ELSE.OTHERFILE  #else in an improper file

MISRA.ENDIF.OTHERFILE  #endif in an improper file

M16-2-3 (req.)

MISRA.INCGUARD  Include guard is not provided

M16-3-1 (req.)

MISRA.DEFINE.SHARP.MANY  Several # or ## operators in a macro definition

M16-3-2 (adv.)

MISRA.DEFINE.SHARP  # or ## operator in a macro definition

M17-0-2 (req.)

MISRA.UNDEF.WRONGNAME  Undefinition of a name from the standard library

MISRA.UNDEF.WRONGNAME.UNDERSCORE  Undefinition of a reserved name

M17-0-3 (req.)

MISRA.STDLIB.WRONGNAME  Reused name of standard library macro, object or function

MISRA.STDLIB.WRONGNAME.UNDERSCORE  Usage of a reserved name for naming a language entity

M17-0-5 (req.)

MISRA.STDLIB.LONGJMP  Use of setjmp macro or longjmp function

M18-0-3 (req.)

MISRA.STDLIB.ABORT  Use of 'abort', 'exit', 'getenv' or 'system' from library stdlib.h

M18-0-4 (req.)

MISRA.STDLIB.TIME  Use of the time handling functions of library time.h

M18-0-5 (req.)

MISRA.STDLIB.CSTRING  Function from 'cstring' library is used

MISRA.STDLIB.CSTRING.MACRO  Macro from 'cstring' library is used

M18-2-1 (req.)

MISRA.EXPANSION.UNSAFE  Unsafe macro usage

M18-7-1 (req.)

MISRA.STDLIB.SIGNAL  Use of the signal handling facilities of signal.h

M19-3-1 (req.)

MISRA.STDLIB.ERRNO  Use of error indicator 'errno'

M27-0-1 (req.)

MISRA.STDLIB.STDIO  Use of input/output library stdio.h in production code

Support Summary:

  • 228 enforced rules