Using your organization's FlexNet Publisher server

If you want to use your organization's FlexNet Publisher license server rather than the license server packaged with Klocwork, you must configure Klocwork and the FlexNet Publisher license server to work together, and you must put your Klocwork license file in the right place.

Klocwork supports version or greater of lmgrd, the FlexNet Publisher license manager daemon. You can find more information on FlexNet Publisher license managers in the FlexNet Publisher documentation. To obtain the FlexNet Publisher License Administration Guide, contact Klocwork Customer Support.

The Klocwork vendor daemon creates a lock file named 'klocwork' that is the same name as the vendor daemon. To avoid conflicts with the daemon or with the lock file that the vendor daemon creates, never place the vendor daemon in or under a folder named 'klocwork' when you set up the Klocwork license service on your organization's license server. Ensure that no files or folders named 'klocwork' exist that could cause a conflict.

Note: It is easy to accidentally corrupt a license file. Before you begin, make a copy of your license file as a backup and put it in a safe place. Leave the original Klocwork license either in the directory <projects_root>/licenses or in the appropriate directory of your organization's license server.
Important: You cannot change the physical host name of the Klocwork License Server in the license file. If you need to move the License Server to another host, you must contact Klocwork for a new license file. However, you can edit the host name in the license file if the host name of the machine hosting the license manager has changed, or if you want to change how the host name is defined (for example, from a simple to a fully qualified host name).

See also Making network changes that affect the host name or IP address of a host machine.

To set up Klocwork to use your organization's FlexNet Publisher server:

  1. Copy the Klocwork licensing daemon to the directory where the FlexNet Publisher vendor daemons reside on the machine hosting your FlexNet Publisher server. The Klocwork daemon is located as follows:



  2. Copy the license file (with the extension .lic) that you received from Klocwork Customer Support to the appropriate location in the FlexNet Publisher directory structure.
  3. If necessary, change the default port number (27000) of the FlexNet Publisher server in the license file:
    1. Open the license file in a text editor.
    2. Edit the port number at the end of the first line of the license file.

      Here is a sample first line from a license file: SERVER server01 00g006084466 27000

      In this example, you would change 27000 to the port you want to use.

    3. Save and close the file.
  4. Use the FlexNet Publisher lmreread utility to force the license manager daemon (lmgrd) to read the Klocwork license file and start the Klocwork vendor daemon (klocwork). See the FlexNet Publisher documentation for details on using lmreread.
  5. Configure the host names and ports for all of the Klocwork Servers. See Viewing and changing Klocwork server settings.
  6. Start the Klocwork Servers as described in Starting the Klocwork Servers.
Note: To change the vendor daemon port, see Changing the vendor daemon port in your license file.