This warning is reported for protected fields. It appears if some field in a subclass shadows (has the same name, type and modifier) as some field in the superclass. This can cause confusion.

Example 1

9      public class SuperClass {
10         protected int index;
11         // ...
12     }
13     public class SubClass extends SuperClass {
14         protected int index;
15         // ...
16     }

FSC.PRT is reported for field declaration on line 14: Class 'com.klocwork.jdefects.checkers.ast.samples.FSC_PRT_Sample_1$SubClass' hides field 'index' of superclass 'com.klocwork.jdefects.checkers.ast.samples.FSC_PRT_Sample_1$SuperClass' by declaring a protected or package-private field with the same name 4