Creating a JavaScript build specification

Klocworkintegrates with your build, capturing all of the information it needs to provide a centralized view of the entire code stream.

Klocworkstores this information in a text file called a build specification. The build specification is the basis of the Klocwork analysis.

It's important that the build specification is an accurate and up-to-date representation of your build. If the build specification is inaccurate, the Klocwork analysis will be inaccurate too.

Check out our cheat sheet as a quick reference javascriptintegrationbuildanalysischeatsheet.htm.

A build specification is required at both the integration and local build levels. Creating a build specification is the first essential task following installation.

For integration builds, you can analyze Klocwork JavaScript projects from one or more build specification files based on the information in your build files.

The Klocwork build specification for JavaScript projects is a semi-colon-separated text file containing the following information about the source code that will comprise your Klocwork project:

  • which relevant JavaScript analysis configuration options will be used to discover defects
  • which file locations will be searched for analyzable files, for example, .js, .ts


Before you can create a build specification