Permissions for Klocwork administrators and build engineers

The Klocwork administrator and the build engineer need the following access:

Read/write access to:

  • the Klocwork projects_root directory
  • the Klocwork installation directory

Read access to:

  • source files that will be used for projects

Other people (team leaders, individuals, groups) may need access to these directories too. Make sure the people who need permissions have them.

Note:  Permissions may have to be granted for each new project.

Unix only: The IT team (working with the system administrator) sets permissions for users who share Klocwork administration privileges for the same projects_root. Such users should be members of the same user group, with their UMASK set to allow all members of the group to have read/write/execute permissions.

Tasks and permissions

This task... requires these permissions on these directories and files...
  projects_root directory installation directory source code
Start and stop the Klocwork servers read/write read read
Create and manage projects read/write read read
Analyze projects read/write read read

Permissions for projects built from tables

Klocwork build data is created with the user ID of the user who starts the Klocwork build. If the build runs on one machine and the projects_root is on another machine, Klocwork copies tables from the build into the projects_root. You may have to change the permissions on the build machine tables directory and its contents to allow this to happen.

The tables directory and its contents must be readable and writable by the user who loads the tables into the database with kwadmin load.