Setting up Basic access control

To set up Basic access control, select Basic as your access method in kwauthconfig, and create a list of user names and passwords in Klocwork Static Code Analysis.

To set up Basic access in kwauthconfig, you need to:

When you set up access control, the Klocwork administrator permissions are associated with your user ID. You are the initial Klocwork administrator. However, you can delegate Klocwork administration to other people later in Klocwork Static Code Analysis.

To set up Basic access control

  1. To access the Klocwork security utility, kwauthconfig, go to <server_install>/bin. In Windows, click Start > All Programs > Klocwork 21.1 > Klocwork Security Configuration, or from the command line on any platform, run kwauthconfig [<projects_root>]

    The path to the projects_root directory can be an absolute or relative path. If you don't provide the projects_root as a parameter in step 1, the Select Klocwork Projects Root dialog appears.

  2. If the Projects Root dialog appears, enter the complete path or browse to the projects_root and click OK.
  3. Click Configure.
  4. Select Basic. The only difference between this method and Open is that Basic access requires that all user accounts must have a password.
  5. Optional: Click Use secure Klocwork Server connection, then enter the Host name, Organizational unit, and Organization for the SSL connection.
  6. Click Finish and the initial configuration utility screen will appear. Click OK to finalize your changes.

You must restart the Klocwork Server with the command kwservice --projects-root <projects_root> restart klocwork or with Windows Services administration.

What's next?

Now that you've set up Basic access control in kwauthconfig, you're ready to create your list of users in Klocwork Static Code Analysis.