Stopping the servers running as regular processes

To stop all of the Klocwork Servers running as regular processes, run the following command:

kwservice --projects-root <projects_root> stop 

where <projects_root> is the projects_root directory you want to use

To stop one of the Klocwork Servers, run the following command:

kwservice --projects-root <projects_root> stop <server_name> 


  • <server_name> can be one of:
    • database
    • license
    • klocwork
  • <projects_root> is the projects_root where the servers are running


To stop all Klocwork Servers:

kwservice --projects-root "C:\Klocwork\Server 22.4\projects_root" stop

To stop just the Klocwork Server:

kwservice --projects-root "C:\Klocwork\Server 22.4\projects_root" stop klocwork

You see messages indicating that the servers have been stopped. For example:

Using projects root: C:\Klocwork\Server 22.4\projects_root
Local Host is: [] Stopping License server [stopped] Stopping Database server [stopped] Stopping Klocwork server [stopped]