JSF community C and C++ checker reference

List of community C/C++ checkers that map to the Joint Strike Fighter Air Vehicle C++ coding standard.

Checker name Description Default severity Enabled by default? Version
JSF.BREAK The break statement shall not be used 4 False 2021.2
JSF.CAST.DERIVED.ARRAY.FUNC.CALL Arrays shall not be treated polymorphically 4 False 2021.2
JSF.CAST.MBR.ORDER.ACCESS_SPEC Algorithms shall not make assumptions concerning the order of allocation of nonstatic data members separated by an access specifier 4 False 2021.2
JSF.CLASS.DEFINE.OPPOSITE_OPERATOR When two operators are opposites (such as == and !=), both will be defined and one will be defined in terms of the other 4 False 2021.2
JSF.DERIVED.NON_VIRT.REDEFINED An inherited nonvirtual function shall not be redefined in a derived class 4 False 2021.2
JSF.EXCEPTION C++ exceptions shall not be used 4 False 2021.2
JSF.FUNC.PTR.TYPEDEF A typedef will be used to simplify program syntax when declaring function pointers 4 False 2021.2
JSF.INHERITANCE.NON_ABSTRACT Hierarchies should be based on abstract classes 4 False 2021.2
JSF.LABEL Labels will not be used, except in switch statements 4 False 2021.2
JSF.LOOP.NULL.INIT_OR_INCR Null initialize or increment expressions in for loops will not be used 4 False 2021.2
JSF.MBR.SIG.MATCHES.COPY_CSTR The definition of a member function shall not contain default arguments that produce a signature identical to that of the implicitly-declared copy constructor 4 False 2021.2
JSF.ORDER.ACCESS_SPEC The public, protected, and private sections of a class will be declared in that order 4 False 2021.2
JSF.POINTER_TO_POINTER Pointers to pointers should be avoided when possible 4 False 2021.2
JSF.UNENCAPSULATED.GLOBAL Unencapsulated global data will be avoided 4 False 2021.2
JSF.UNNAMED.MEMBER All the members of a structure (or class) shall be named and shall only be accessed via their names 4 False 2021.2
JSF.USE.STATIC.NON_LOCAL Assuming that non-local static objects, in separate translation units, are initialized in a special order shall not be done 4 False 2021.2