This section describes how to configure and run Klocwork analysis on your project. This involves two main steps: creating a build specification and running the analysis.

Create a build specification

You must create a build specification before you can perform an analysis. The build specification is used to capture your build configuration settings. It is a "structured log" of your build that describes, in detail, any source files that were compiled, any objects files that were created, compiler information and configuration, and working directory information. This information is used by the Klocwork analysis engine to perform the actual analysis.

For some desktop environments, build integration happens automatically; for others, you need to create a build specification manually. If you're not sure whether you need to create a build specification manually, go to Desktop analysis and choose your coding environment.

For more information see Creating a build specification.

Run your build analysis

Once you've created your build specification, you can run an analysis against your code. For language-specific instructions see:


Need to get up and running quickly and don't feel like reading through the documentation right now? We've created the following cheatsheets to help you create your build specification and run your first analysis: