Accessing your desktop build.log and parse errors.log

The build.log file contains information to help troubleshoot analysis failure or problems identified in error messages.

The build log also records errors related to tuning Java knowledge bases (JKBs).

Tool Location of build.log file
Eclipse plug-in <workspace>/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/projects/<project_name>/com.klocwork.inforceeclipse/.kwlp/workingcache/tables/
IntelliJ IDEA plug-in Double-click the message line "Build contains errors" to open the build log. You may need to scroll to see the detailed message.
Klocwork Desktop <local_project_directory>/.kwlp/workingcache/tables/ Default local project directory: <home>/klocwork_projects/
kwcheck <local_project_directory>/.kwlp/workingcache/tables/ Default local project directory: <home>/klocwork_projects/Note: If you specified a different name for the local project directory using kwcheck create -pd <local_project_directory>, substitute that directory in the place of .kwlp in the path above.