Getting started with the Klocwork Desktop C/C++ plugin for Eclipse

The Klocwork plug-in for Eclipse helps you detect and fix issues before check-in.

Before you get started, make sure you specify the location of your License Server. For more information, see Installing the Klocwork plug-in from the Eclipse update site.

Information and instructions below also apply to the following C/C++ Eclipse-based IDEs:

  • Wind River Workbench
  • QNX Momentics

If you are a C/C++ developer, you will need to do a bit of tweaking to ensure Klocwork has the build information it needs to run an accurate analysis (more details about this are included in the sections below). The plug-in is equipped with several popular C/C++ refactorings, such as renaming of inlining functions, which can be performed within your IDE.

You can also customize project settings, issue filters and analysis settings to your own preferences. For more information about these features, see the topics below.