Installing the Distributed Analysis package

The Distributed Analysis components are available as a separate Klocwork installation package (for example, on Linux, the package is

Where do I get the software?

Download the package from Klocwork Support. Typically, only one or two users in an organization have access to the Klocwork technical support portal. If you don't have access, you can register for a new account.

Installing on Linux

To install the complete Klocwork Distributed Analysis package on Linux:

  1. Download the Klocwork Distributed Analysis installation package for your operating system to a temporary directory.
  2. Ensure that the downloaded .sh file is executable. Use the chmod command to set the appropriate permissions. Enter:
    chmod 755 <executable-name>
    Install Klocwork software as a non-root user.
  3. Run the executable with the options and arguments you want.
    <kw-dist-analysis-installer> -a -i <install_directory>


    <kw-dist-analysis-installer> is the name of the installation executable

    -a indicates that you accept the license agreement

    <install_directory> is the absolute path to the location in which you want to install the Distributed Analysis package

Installing on Windows

On Windows, you can use the installation wizard or perform an unattended installation.

To install the Klocwork Distributed Analysis package on Windows, you must have administrator permissions for the machine you want to install on.

Installing Klocwork with the installation wizard

To install the Klocwork Distributed Analysis package or its components on a local machine:

  1. Download the Klocwork Distributed Analysis package for Windows to a temporary directory.
  2. Run the installation executable.

    The graphical user interface initializes and prepares.

    The Welcome screen of the wizard appears.

  3. Click Next.

    The License Agreement screen appears.

  4. Review the license agreement, and, if you agree, click "I accept the terms of the license agreement".
  5. Click Next.

    The "Destination Directory" screen appears. The default destination directory is the local drive with the most available space. For example: D:\Klocwork\Distributed Analysis 21.1\

  6. Click Next to accept the default folder or click Change... to install Klocwork in a different location.

    If you click Change..., the Change Current Destination Folder screen appears. Browse to the folder where you want to install Klocwork.

    Important: Avoid installing the package in the Program Files directory on Windows machines. Windows User Access Control (UAC) restricts writing to the Program Files directory.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Next.

    The Setup Type screen appears. By default, the Complete button is selected.

  9. To install the entire Klocwork Distributed Analysis package on one machine, leave the Complete button selected and go to step 11.
  10. To select one component to install on this machine, click Custom and click Next.

    The Custom Setup screen appears, showing two choices.

    In the Windows installation wizard, the term "feature" means "component".

    If there is a component you do not want to install on this machine, click the icon of the component and click This feature will not be available. Any components you do not disable will be installed. Click off Klocwork Distributed Analysis Server or Klocwork Distributed Analysis Agent, depending on which component you do not wish to install.

    Ensure that you choose a location with enough disk space. See the System requirements to see how much disk space is available on the machine. Click Space.

  11. Click Next.

    The Ready to Install the Program screen appears.

  12. To review or change any of your installation settings, click Back. To continue the installation with the settings you have, click Install.

    A progress bar appears while Klocwork installs. The Setup Wizard Completed screen appears.

  13. Click Finish.

Running an unattended installation on Windows

To run an unattended Windows installation of the Distributed Analysis package, enter the following command:

<kw-dist-build-installer> /S/v"/qn [ADDLOCAL=<component_code>] INSTALLDIR=<install_directory> /lv* <log_file>"


  • <kw-dist-build-installer> is the name of the Windows Distributed Analysis installation executable
  • ADDLOCAL=<component_code> is optional and allows you to install only the Server or the Agent component of the package
  • <component_code> is either DistributedAnalysisServer or DistributedAnalysisAgent
  • <install_directory> is the absolute path to the directory in which you want to install
  • /lv* <log_file> allows you to log installation errors to file (recommended). The directory you specify must already exist. Use the absolute path to the log file.

Surround any value that contains spaces with escaped quotation marks (\").


kw-dist-build-installer. /S /v"/qn INSTALLDIR=\"C:\Klocwork\23.1\Distributed Analysis\" 
/lvx* C:\Klocwork\dist_analysis.log"

Log files for Windows installation

An installation log file is saved to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp whenever one of the Klocwork installation packages is started on Windows.

These log files are named Klocwork<release-number>-<package>.log. For example, the installation log file for the Klocwork 2023.1 Distributed Analysis package is named Klocwork23.1-Dist.log.

A logs directory is also created in the root Klocwork installation directory during installation on Windows. For the Server installer, for example, the log files in this directory store kwservice output when the servers are first started and the projects_root directory is initialized.

If you need to troubleshoot your installation, check these logs.