Moving or creating additional projects root directories

The projects_root directory is the data location for the Klocwork Servers and applications. It contains Klocwork Server settings and information about integration projects and build analysis runs. It also stores the Klocwork license file.

One projects_root directory is created during Klocwork Server package installation. In most situations, you will need only one projects_root directory. However, in some cases you may want to:

  • move a projects_root directory to another host, for example, if you need more space
  • set up multiple projects_root directories, for example, if you want to restrict the access of various user groups to certain projects

For information on how to optimize performance, see Improving database performance .

If you are running the Klocwork servers as Windows Services: It is not possible to run two sets of the Klocwork Servers as Windows Services on one host when the servers are of the same Klocwork version. If you switch to a new projects_root on the same machine, you will need to edit a registry key to ensure that the services start in the proper projects_root. See Special steps for Windows.