JD.EQ.UTC is found when objects of incompatible types are compared through the equals method. Object types are considered to be incompatible if they don't have any class or interface in common.

Vulnerability and risk

Most likely an error. For example, a comparison of String and File objects, was probably meant to be file.getPath().equals("").

Mitigation and prevention

Fix the equals argument to make it type compatible. It probably needs additional function calls to retrieve an object of the correct type for comparison.

Example 1

     public boolean checkFile(File file) {
         if (file==null || file.equals("")) return false;
         // ...
         return true;

JD.EQ.UTC is reported for 'equals' call on line 12: Calling equals on incompatible types 'java.io.File' and 'java.lang.String'.

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