kwdtagent starts the remote desktop agent for running Klocwork Desktop in remote mode. kwdtagent generates a URL that contains the host, port and software key for the local project.

kwdtagent can be run directly in the remote environment or as part of a remote configuration file.


On the remote machine, run:

kwdtagent --project-dir <local_project_directory> [options] 


kwdtagent --project-dir /space/dev/C++TestProj/.kwlp

Output example:

Agent started. Use this string to connect:

Important: Keep a backup copy of the URL. If you exit Klocwork Desktop, you need to provide the URL to open the remote project for your next session. If you don't have the URL, you need to run kwdtagent again.


Name (and short name) Description
--help (-h) display help
--port <number>|auto specify the port number if different from the default 9011, or if you are using port forwarding. Specify auto to find a free port in the range of 9011-9040.
--project-dir <local_project_directory> (-pd) specify the local project directory (.kwlp) you want to connect to; mandatory option
--version (-v) display kwdtagent version