kwjava is the Klocwork Java source code compiler.


kwjava --license-host <hostname> --license-port <port-number> [options] <files...>


Use kwjava to test your Java checker against sample files or source directories that you specify. For Java Path checkers, use the -l option to enable the checker's logger to get detailed debug information to tune your checker's knowledge base file.


Name Description
--api-version Get api version
--ast-printout Print xml ast representation
--b <arg> Build specification file path
--classpath <arg> Specify where to find user class files
--d <arg> Specify where to place generated object files
--encoding <arg> Specify character encoding used by source files
--errors-config <arg> Specify the error configuration file
--help Print a synopsis of standard options
--ignore-tabs Handle TAB symbol as single whitespace
--incremental Run incremental build
--j <arg> Specifies the maximum number of jobs to run
--kb <knowledge-base file> Specify the knowledge base files
--license-file <arg> Specify the license file for node-locked or demo licenses
--license-host <hostname> Specify license host; default is localhost
--license-port <port-number> Specify license port; default is 27000
--loadBJKB <arg> Load specified bjkb files or all bjkb file from directory
--metrics Enable counting metrics
--nolef Disable defect detection
--nowarn Generate no warnings
--source <arg> Provide source compatibility with specified release
--sourcepath <arg> Specify where to find input source files
--splitBJKB Create bjkb files
--verbose print verbose information about program execution, which can help to troubleshoot errors
--version Get version information
--xml <arg> Specify XML report output and destination file name
--xpath <arg> Apply the specified XPath pattern to the source ignoring patterns from config
--xpath-file <arg> Apply the XPath pattern from the specified file to the source ignoring patterns from config
--xpath-library <arg> Specify plugin library for command line XPath patterns
@<file> Read options list from file