The kwlogparser command converts your build log into a Klocwork build trace. The build trace can then be converted into a build specification.


kwlogparser [options] <parser> <build_log_file>


  • [options] are any of the options from the table below
  • <parser> is the parser used in your build. Currently, only the Electric Cloud parser is supported. The acceptable value for this field is emake-annotation.
  • <build_log_file> is your build log file. Currently, only the Electric Cloud annotation file format is supported.


kwlogparser --output emake.trace emake-annotation emake.xml

In this example, the emake annotation log file named emake.xml will be output to a build trace named emake.trace.


Name Short name Description
--cmd-line <parser>   specify the type of parser to use for parsing command lines. This option can be useful when using Cygwin. Possible values are:
  • shell (Unix Bourne-like shell)
  • cmd (Windows cmd.exe)

Default for Unix: shell

Default for Windows: cmd

--config <file> -c read filter configuration from <file>. The default is <Klocwork_install>/config/kwfilter.conf. Allows you to use a "private" copy of kwfilter.conf and the compiler configuration files, so that the originals do not need to be modified. See Creating a C/C++ build specification.
--debug   print debug information to standard error
--help -h print this help and exit
--output <file> -o write build trace to <file>. Default:kwlogparser.trace
--verbose -V print verbose information about program execution, which can help to troubleshoot errors
--version -v print version and exit