kwstruct101 generates a Structure 101 archive file (.kw) given the tables folder output from your C/C++ build analysis. You can import the archive file in Structure101 and save it as a project file. kwstruct101 is installed with the Klocwork Server.


kwstruct101 [options] 


kwstruct101 --tables-directory "C:\my_npp_proj\tables" -H server11 -P 36000 -o


Name (and short name) Description
--help (-h) display help
--version (-v) display kwstruct101 version
--tables-directory <dir> specify the directory (in your source project) that contains the output tables. The output tables directory is created when you run a build analysis on your project, and updated each time you perform a subsequent analysis.
--license-host <string> (-H) specify the host name of the Klocwork License Server. If no host is specified, the host name of the server running on the local machine is specified.
--license-port <number> (-P) specify the port number of the Klocwork License Server. The default port number is 27000.
--output <file> (-o) specify the name of the output file. The default output file is<server_install_path>bin\