Renaming a project URL in a kwxsync storage file

If you move a project to a different server or need to update the port number, for example, you can rename the project URL in your storage file by using the kwxsync rename utility. Doing so saves time because you don't have to rebuild the storage file.


kwxsyncutil change-url --storage <storage_path> --old <project_URL_1> --new <project_URL_2> 

Specify the storage file that you need to update, followed by the project URL that you need to replace, and the new project URL.

The project URL has the following format: http(s)://<klocwork_server_host>:<klocwork_server_port>/<project>

Use https:// if a secure Klocwork Server connection has been configured.


kwxsyncutil change-url --storage /opt/klocwork/storage/storage.dat --old https://server01:8080/my_project --new https://server02:8080/my_project

In this example, you have moved your project from server01 to server02 and need to update the project URL in the storage file called 'storage.dat'.