An MNA error appears if someone gave a method a suspicious name. For example, if you write a method with the signature:

public int hashcode()

you could mean:

public int hashCode()

An MNA.CNS warning is reported for methods whose names are the same as constructor names, but these methods are not constructors because they return values.

Example 1

  public class MNA_CNS_Sample_1 {
      String name;
     // constructor
     public MNA_CNS_Sample_1() {
     // this method has a constructor name, but not a constructor
     public void MNA_CNS_Sample_1(String name) { = name;

MNA.CNS is reported for method declaration on line 14: Suspicious method name 'MNA_CNS_Sample_1', same as constructor name but it is not a constructor because it has return type

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