It is unnecessary to create new objects like String or Boolean by calling some of their constructors. Using factory methods, static instances or just expression values helps avoid unnecessary object creation. An UC.BOOLB warning appears if there is a call of new Boolean(boolean expression) constructor instead of using Boolean.valueOf(boolean expression) or singletons Boolean.TRUE, Boolean.FALSE.

Vulnerability and risk

This method creates extra objects which take up more memory and reduce performance, without any other functional effect.

Example 1

     ArrayList bool1(boolean arr[]) {
         ArrayList res = new ArrayList();
         for (int i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {
             boolean b = arr[i];
             res.add(new Boolean(b));
         return res;

UC.BOOLB is reported for line 15: Unnecessary object creation, new Boolean(boolean expression) method can be replaced with Boolean.valueOf(boolean expression), or with singletons Boolean.TRUE and Boolean.FALSE