Testing your installation

To test your Klocwork installation, you can either use the sample project 'demosthenes', or create and analyze your own sample project.

Restriction: The demosthenes sample project is only available when the entire Klocwork Server package is installed; it is not included with the Validate Server package.

Log in to Klocwork Static Code Analysis

After starting the Klocwork servers, Klocwork Static Code Analysis is accessible from a browser using the URL of the Klocwork server hostname and the Klocwork server port chosen during the install (for example, server21:8080). By default, the person who installed Klocwork is set as the Klocwork administrator, and is given the Projects root admin role. Initially, the Basic Authentication access control method is used, so no password is needed to log in. For example, if the user account used during the installation was ‘jsmith’, to log in to Static Code Analysis with the administrator role, use the credentials:
username: jsmith
password: <empty>
For more details on security and authentication methods, see Security and permissions.

Using demosthenes

In <Klocwork_install>\samples, you can find the Demosthenes sample project (a sample C/C++ project).

This directory contains a sample project and a readme file that shows you how to set up some sample analyses you can use to explore or demonstrate Klocwork.

To successfully build a sample project on Unix you should have GNU make, GCC, and bash.

Create and analyze a sample project

To test your Server package installation, you can create and analyze a sample project and then view the results of your analysis in Klocwork Static Code Analysis: