Continuous analysis

Continuous analysis provides automatic issue detection and error highlighting while you work in your editor.

By default, Klocwork Desktop performs continuous analysis on only those files that are currently open, however, it can also be configured to perform analysis at the project level, regardless of whether or not a file is open.

Continuous analysis is enabled by default in:

  • Klocwork Desktop C/C++ Plug-in for Eclipse (Go to Window > Preferences > Klocwork > Settings)
  • Klocwork Desktop for C/C++ (Go to Tools > Preferences > Analysis Options)

For Eclipse: You can disable continuous analysis and manually trigger an analysis of projects, subdirectories or files.

Continuous analysis will detect header file issues in Connected desktops. However, continuous analysis won't report header file issues if you have a standalone desktop. For this reason, Klocwork recommends that for standalone desktop projects, you run a full project analysis at least once to pick up header file issues.