Troubleshooting your installation

Troubleshooting your installation

Need a hand with your installation? Did you have trouble installing the product? This section describes basic installation issues and provides troubleshooting information.

Repairing a Windows installation of Klocwork

If files in the Klocwork installation were accidentally damaged or deleted, you can repair the installation.

You may discover that your Klocwork installation is damaged, for example, if you are attempting to uninstall Klocwork and see the error message "Fatal error: Cannot uninstall".

If this occurs, click OK in the error message dialog to cancel the uninstallation, perform the following repair procedure, and then run the uninstallation procedure again.

To repair a Klocwork installation on Windows:

  1. In the Start menu, click Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs .

    The Add or Remove Programs dialog appears.

  2. Select the Klocwork package you want to repair, and select Click here for support information.

    The Support Info dialog for the selected Klocwork package appears.

  3. Click Repair.

    The installation is restored to a clean state.

Unable to start the Database Server because the path to the socket file is too long

If the path to the socket file (including separators and the name of the socket file) is greater than 107 characters, you will be unable to start the Klocwork Database Server. The database log will indicate that this is the problem.

The socket file is located in the following directory:


To remedy this situation, move your projects to another projects_root with a path length of less than 68-72 characters, depending on the length of the Database Server port number (which can be 1 to 5 characters).

For help moving a projects_root, see Moving or creating additional projects_root directories.

Unable to start Klocwork Servers following Windows installation

If you see one of the following messages after installing the Klocwork Server package on Windows:

  • Error 1920. Service Klocwork 23.3 Server (Klocwork 23.3 Server) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.
  • Service Klocwork 23.3 License Server failed to start. See installation log for more details.

An earlier version of the Klocwork Server and/or Klocwork License Server may be running on the port that you specified during installation of Klocwork 2023.3. It is not possible to run two versions of a server on the same port.

You need to set a different port number for the Klocwork Server and/or Klocwork License Server with kwservice set-service-property, and then start the servers.

Database connection error

Do not locate the projects_root directory on NFS to avoid issues with file locking.

If you see the following error:

Error occurred while connecting to database: Database connection to <database> refused: Communications link failure due to underlying exception

Check the host name in the error message. If the host name is not a fully qualified host name that includes the domain (for example,, you need to set the fully qualified domain name for the Database Server.

To do this:

  1. Stop the Database Server:
    kwservice --projects-root <projects_root> stop database 
  2. Run the following command:
    kwservice --projects-root <projects_root> set-service-property database host <fully-qualified-host-name> 
  3. Start the Database Server:
    kwservice --projects-root <projects_root> start database 

Package Load Failure occurs in Visual Studio after I install patch

Do one of the following:

  • Uninstall the patch and install the last full version of the Visual Studio plug-in installer.
  • From the <VS_user_install>\inforceVSNET directory, run the following command:
regsvr32 IfPkgVS2005.dll