Tips and tricks for Klocwork Desktop

The following topics provide tips and tricks for using Klocwork Desktop. You can also use Working sets to select a set of files and have that selection persist from one Klocwork Desktop session to another.

Minimize Klocwork Desktop to the system tray

By default, when you click the X icon in the upper right corner of the Klocwork Desktop window, the application closes. If you want to have Klocwork Desktop minimize to the system tray and run in the background when you click the X icon, go to Window > Preferences > Klocwork > Analysis Settings and select the Leave Klocwork Desktop running in background when window is closed check box. When minimized, you will see notifications in the system tray.

Klocwork Desktop status icons

In the bottom right corner of Klocwork Desktop, there are two status icons. The icon represents the status of your connections to the licensing server and your Klocwork Server. The icon represents the synchronization status. The following table explains each possible state for these two icons:
Status iconWhat it means
No errors; connections are working as expected
Error with configuration; could be license or Klocwork Server related. Click on the icon to open your preferences and fix the problem.
No errors; project is not synchronized to the server
Synchronization currently in progress
Project is synchronized with the server and working as expected
Synchronization error; Local project could not be synced with the server