Klocwork Documentation

Klocwork identifies critical security vulnerabilities and quality defects, and helps developers create more maintainable code. Learn to manage your team through project and user management, custom reports, and drilling down into the issues that matter. Improve team productivity and start creating more secure and reliable software.

If you are new to Klocwork, see these topics to get started:

Getting up and running - Installation | Upgrading
Get it all configured - Build config | Project config
Perform your first analysis
Integrate us with your tools
Measure and manage projects


Klocwork Checkers scour your source code for defects and potential vulnerabilities. At the most basic level, checkers provide the logic that drive the Klocwork analysis. Below is a list of the areas we provide coverage for:

C/C++ Checkers | Java Checkers | C# Checkers | MISRA

AUTOSAR | CERT | JSF | QAC | JavaScript | Kotlin | Python

Additional help for Klocwork

Command Reference

See our Command Reference for more information about Klocwork commands.

Administration information

See the Klocwork Administrator Guide to plan deployment, install, and maintain Klocwork.


See Klocwork Troubleshooting to help resolve any issues you may be experiencing.