About the Klocwork packages and components

About the Klocwork packages and components

The Klocwork installation packages and components allow you to install only the components you need on a specific machine.

The Distributed Analysis package is covered separately in Installing the Distributed Analysis package.

Server package components

Component Details
License Server A Reprise license manager (command-line name: license). You can also use your organization's Reprise license server. Default host: localhost Default port: 27000 plus 33133
Klocwork Server An Apache Tomcat Web server (command-line name: klocwork). Provides access to Klocwork Static Code Analysis, Klocwork Code Review, and Klocwork documentation. Klocwork clients connect to the Klocwork Server for project information.
Klocwork does not support using your own Apache Tomcat server. You must use the Web server packaged with Klocwork. Default host: localhost; default port: 8080 plus 8081.

The Klocwork Server component contains the Klocwork Database. Default host: localhost; default port: 3306.

Projects root The data location for the Klocwork Servers and applications, including the project database tables, which are stored in MariaDB and Lucene databases.
The projects_root directory is not one of the components you see listed in the installation wizard, but the wizard lets you choose a location for it.
Build tools Integration build analysis tools:
  • tools for managing Klocwork projects, analysis, and access control (kwadmin and kwbuildproject)
  • tools to produce a build specification (kwinject, kwwrap, kwant)
  • tools for running Klocwork integration build analysis (the analysis engines)
  • sample projects
GUI/web tools
  • Klocwork Static Code Analysis
  • Klocwork Code Review
  • Klocwork Web API
Continuous Integration tools Klocwork’s differential analysis for CI/CD pipelines capability enables your organization to identify and communicate errors faster, without waiting for nightly builds.

Klocwork’s CI tools integrate with third-party plug-ins and custom scripts for CI environments so that developers can verify the quality of source code as part of their pre-merge or post-commit processes.

Klocwork CI build analysis tools include the following:

  • tools to produce a build specification (kwinject, kwant, kwmaven, kwwrap, kwmaven)
  • command-line analysis tools (kwciagent)
  • tools for running Klocwork CI build analysis (the analysis engines)

Desktop analysis components

Component Details
Command Line Tools Command-line versions of the Klocwork developer tools for C/C++, C#, and Java, which allow software developers to verify the quality of source code before they commit it to source control. Also includes Klocwork Desktop, a GUI alternative to running kwcheck.

This component also includes the Klocwork Extensibility API for writing custom checkers.

IDE Plug-ins
  • Klocwork Desktop plug-in for Visual Studio (Visual Studio extension)
  • Klocwork Desktop plug-in for Eclipse
  • Klocwork Desktop plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA
  • Klocwork Desktop plug-in for Android Studio

Once deployed, users can download the desktop plug-in installers from within Klocwork. See Installing a desktop analysis plug-in for more information.