Adding an unsupported C/C++ compiler

kwinject fully supports many C/C++ compilers (see the list of supported compilers). If your compiler's exact name doesn't appear in the table, but you know it's one of the supported compiler types, you need to bind your compiler's name to the compiler type recognized by kwinject. Run kwinject with the --prog option. For example, if your compiler is gcc4 and you know this is a variant of GNU, run the following command:
kwinject --prog gcc4=gnu make 
For more information on how to make this change permanent, see Binding your compiler name to a recognized compiler type.

Otherwise, if your compiler is not supported, we no longer advise that you try to configure compiler support yourself. Instead, we are committed to providing this configuration for you for any C/C++ compiler that you need, with Python scripts (* ). Note that these Python scripts are not meant to be edited.

Submit a ticket to Klocwork support with the compiler name and the exact version, along with a trace file from kwinject. We should be able to provide compiler configuration for you within a short period of time. Providing support could take longer if your compiler features a different dialect of C/C++ and requires modifications to the Klocwork compiler to avoid parse errors.