Adding custom links to Validate

You can add custom links that appear on the right hand side of the portal, under the Technical Library, Support, or Resources headings. To customize the links that appear here, you can rename one of the template files in your <server_install>/clients folder as follows:

  • Rename 'library.template' to 'library.json'

  • Rename 'support.template' to 'support.json'

  • Rename 'resources.template' to 'resources.json'

The format of these files should be as follows:

    "title": "Custom link",
    "title_ja": "カスタムリンク",
    "url": "",
    "url_ja": "",
    "show_link": "true"

    "title": "Custom link 2",
    "title_ja": "カスタム リンク 2",
    "url": "",
    "show_link": "false"

    "title": "Custom link 3",
    "url": ""


  • title is the name of the link you want to add to the portal.

  • title_ja is the Japanese translation of the title. (optional)

  • url is the web address of the link you want to add to the portal.

  • url_ja is the web address of the Japanese link, if applicable (optional)

  • show_link determines whether you want to display, or hide the link; you can set this to 'true' or 'false'. This defaults to true if left unspecified. (optional)

If the JSON file is not formatted properly, the default hard-coded documentation links are shown for the corresponding section.