Importing your Helix QAC rule configuration file

If you want to manage your Helix rule configuration file (RCF) for a specific project, you can import the configuration into Validate. However, note that without a corresponding QACZ file, your project configuration is incomplete. You can import both the RCF and QACZ files directly from your QAC project itself (See the Helix QAC docs for more details).

  1. Log in to Validate.
  2. In Validate's project list, click the project you want to configure.

    The project details appear.

  3. In the project details, click Configuration.
  4. On the Configuration page, in Configuration Files, click Add (+).
  5. In the Choose file dialog, browse to the RCF file you want to import.
  6. Click Upload.

    The configuration file is updated.

Alternatively, you can import it for your project using the kwadmin import-config command.

The '.rcf' file allows you to enable and disable rules and/or messages for your Helix QAC configuration preferences. For example, you can disable a specific set of rules or messages for your project. Once you have finished making your desired changes, you can click the save icon to finalize your changes. You must run another analysis to see your updates to the configuration.