Transition license from FlexLM to Reprise

FlexLM/FlexNet Publisher support is deprecated as of Klocwork 2023. You can continue to use your existing FLEX license if you are running Klocwork 2022 releases or earlier.

Get started with Reprise

If you need new license files for Reprise License Manager (RLM), please contact

The following walkthrough video guides you through the Reprise web interface, and provides guidance on how to manage Reprise licenses.

For more information, see the Reprise documentation.

Tips and best practices for transition

  • Get familiar with Reprise-specific features such as named users and the Reprise web interface.

  • In most cases, when migrating your portal to KW2023.x or later, you can simply replace your existing FlexLM license file with the new Reprise license file in the projects_root/licenses directory.

  • If you are also keeping older portals active, create a separate projects_root:

    validate service –r projects_root_flexlm setup

    Use the projects_root to configure your FlexLM license server:

    validate service –r projects_root_flexlm set-service-property ...
  • You can change the port numbers in a license file yourself.

  • Most scripts don’t make direct reference to the license host, but some may use the older --license-host or –license-port settings. Adjust as required.