Upgrading from a previous version of Validate

Validate provides a simple way to import your existing projects into a new projects_roots directory. You can use the Validate portal GUI to connect to your existing Validate server then choose which projects you'd like to import. The GUI enables a quick and painless migration to the very latest version of Validate.

Validate also provides the ability to load builds from the previous major version of Validate into the current version of Validate. For example, this means you can load Validate builds from a previous version of Validate into Validate 2024.1 without having to import or migrate data. For large organizations, this feature provides flexibility by allowing you to upgrade the Server to take advantage of improvements, while still analyzing some or all of your projects with a previous version of Validate.

We realize that no two installations are the same, and depending on your installation, you may choose to migrate your projects root directory in its entirety. This method is still supported. Both methods are described in detail in the sections below.

Important: Issue grouping is deprecated as of release 2023.3. When upgrading from a previous version, we recommend turning off issue grouping before performing your migration.