JD.UN.MET occurs if no call for method is found in the analyzed code. (This checker is triggered only by non-private methods that were not overloaded, or did not overload something).

Vulnerability and risk

Unused methods can be used as back doors. They also increase code footprint in memory. Additionally, they increase the size of source code which decreases maintainability.

Mitigation and prevention

Remove unused methods. Be careful when removing methods. Make sure the method was not designed for extensibility or is not a library method that may be used by code that is not part of the code you are analyzing with Klocwork.

Example 1

      static class MyClass {
         void foo(){
             System.err.println("Hello, World!");

JD.UN.MET is reported for method declaration on line 10: Method 'foo()' is never called in the analyzed context.

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