The kwwrap command provides an alternate method of generating a build specification for C/C++ projects, if kwinject alone does not work in your environment. kwwrap can be integrated into your organization's build process to generate a build trace. The build trace is used as input to kwinject to create a build specification.


kwwrap [<option>...] [<command> [arg...]]


  • <option> is any of the options from the table below
  • <command> is your build command, for example, make
  • <arg> is any arguments required by your build command


Name Short name Description
--help -h display this help and exit
--version -v display version and exit
--force-relative-path -r allow a relative trace file path
--output -o specify the full path and file name for the build trace
--pretend -p do not execute the build command. Allows running of a test to capture compiler options used in your build, without actually running the build command. You may want to set up the build command to ignore errors (for example, make -i).