An RI.IGNOREDCALL error appears if there is a call to a method for an immutable class. The method has side effects, and its result is not assigned to a variable (it is just ignored). This can happen because programming assumes a different API when a function modifies the value of its class. The methods that Klocwork looks for are:

  • any method of String class that returns String
  • method toString() from StringBuffer class
  • any method of InetAddress, BigInteger, BigDecimal classes
  • method digest(byte[]) from MessageDigest class

Vulnerability and risk

Misunderstanding of method behavior will cause flaws in application logic.

Mitigation and prevention

Store the value return by the method, for example a=a.trim().

Example 1

     public void write(String indent, Writer writer) {
         String description = getDescription();
         if (description != null)
         // ...
         // write it

RI.IGNOREDCALL is reported for line 16: The value returned by 'java.lang.String.trim()' is ignored.

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