The kwagent command runs analysis agents as part of a distributed Klocwork analysis.

kwagent is installed as part of the Distributed Analysis package.

Note that you must start the Distributed Analysis Server with kwdist before running kwagent.

Each machine that is intended to be used for remote compilation should run one or more agents. For optimal performance, Klocwork recommends that you run three agents for every Build Host processor (the Build Host is the host running kwbuildproject). For example, with a quad-core Build Host machine, you could run 12 agents (4 processors * 3 agents per processor).

For each agent, specify the host name of the machine where the Distributed Analysis Server (kwdist) is running, as well as the Distributed Analysis Server port number (default: localhost and 3440).


kwagent --"host <Distributed-Analysis-Server-host> --port <Distributed-Analysis-Server-port>


kwagent --host --port 3460


Name Description
--help Print a synopsis of standard options
--host <arg> Specify Distributed Analysis Server host name. Default: localhost
--log <file> send logging information to <file>
--port <arg> Specify Distributed Analysis Server port number. Default: 3440
--use-local-compiler use the Klocwork compiler from the local Klocwork installation
--verbose print verbose information about program execution, which can help to troubleshoot errors
--version Get version information