The kwdist command starts the Distributed Analysis Server that is used to control a remote analysis and distribute work to hosts running analysis agents. kwdist is installed as part of the Distributed Analysis package.

The kwdist command must be run on the machine where you will be starting the Distributed Analysis Server. You cannot run this command remotely.

By default, the Distributed Analysis Server uses port 3440. To use another port, pass the --port option to the Distributed Analysis Server.

Note that you do not need to stop the Distributed Analysis Server when the analysis is complete.


kwdist --port 3441


Name Description
--detach start agent(s) and return to command line
--help print a synopsis of standard options
-j start several agents at the same time
--log <file> send logging information to <file>
--port <port_number> set Distributed Analysis Server port number (default: 3440)
--sync-custom-checkers synchronize custom checkers with the Klocwork server specified with --web-host or --web-url; required only for custom checker deployment
--verbose print verbose information about program execution, which can help to troubleshoot errors
--version get version information
--web-url http(s)://<host>:<port>/

specify Klocwork Server URL, of the form http://<host>:<port>/

Required only for custom checker deployment.

  • <host> specifies the host machine running the Klocwork Server you want to connect to
  • <port> specifies the Klocwork Server port (if different from the default 8080)
  • Use https:// if a secure Klocwork Server connection has been configured.