Compiler options for kwbuildproject

The following sections document options that control the Klocwork C/C++ compiler. They can be applied to kwbuildproject through the option --add-compiler-options:

kwbuildproject --tables-directory <dir> --add-compiler-options <compiler-options> <build_specification1> [<build_specification2>...] 

To pass multiple compiler options, separate them by spaces, and surround the entire string in quotation marks. For example:

--add-compiler-options "-I C:\Toolbus\lib_includes --print-errors"

64-bit REPCXX Timeouts (optional)

When REPCXX's execution time exceeds the timeout duration, it is terminated with exit code 120 and the following message:
"REPCXX terminated.  Execution time exceeded timeout.  To prevent this failure, omit use of the '--timeout=' option and 'KW_CLASSIC_ENGINE_TIMEOUT' environment variable, or increase the timeout threshold using one or the other."

You can optionally specify a timeout for 64-bit REPCXX. For example, if the REPCXX compiler is taking an excessive amount of time compiling a translation unit, then you can provide a timeout duration (in seconds) by running kwbuildproject with the --add-compiler-options '--timeout <seconds>' option specified or by editing the 'KW_CLASSIC_ENGINE_TIMEOUT' environment variable.