Klocwork Administration

There are three Klocwork Servers:
  • Database Server
  • Klocwork Server
  • License Server
See Managing the Klocwork Servers for details on starting and stopping the servers, changing server settings, and optimizing server performance.


The licensing section describes how to get a license, how licensing works and how to find out how many licenses are in use. See Licensing for more information.

Managing security and permissions

Klocwork supports single sign-on, LDAP, NIS and Basic access control. See Setting up access control for details on how to set up each access control method.

Once you've set up your initial access control method, you can manage your user base by defining roles and groups. See Enabling access to Klocwork projects for details on how to manage users, roles, and permissions.

Additional topics

See Backing up Klocwork data for a description of what you should back up, how to perform a backup, and how to restore from a backup.

One projects_root directory is created during Klocwork Server package installation. In some cases you may want to move a projects_root directory (for example, if you need more space) or set up multiple projects_root directories (for example, to restrict the access of various user groups to certain projects). See Moving or creating additional projects root directories (part of the Installation Guide), for more information.