Use the Validate Portal to manage your code

Validate is Klocwork's web interface for project management, reporting, issue management and user management.

Reporting and metrics

Validate allows managers to access reports and metrics that represent the productivity of your team and help to potential problem areas. Several reports are automatically generated and you can create custom reports to focus on the things you care about most. For more details, see Getting started with reports in Validate.

Investigating and citing issues

In this section, you can learn how you can tackle the list of detected issues found in your integration build analysis. Static Code Analysis allows you to review the list of issues, investigate the cause, and fix or cite the issues as you see fit. For more details, see Investigating and citing issues in the integration build.

Source cross-reference

A tool you can use to see where elements in your code are used or accessed. For more details, see Source Cross-Referencing

Managing integration projects and builds

Learn how you can perform project management tasks such as managing projects, views, modules, checker and configuration files. For more details, see Project management

Learn how you can create or edit configuration files to control things such as custom taxonomies and metrics configuration. For more details, see Managing configuration files for integration projects

Learn how you can create custom views to control what you see in Validate issues and reports. For more details, see Customizing your view of the integration build analysis.