A taxonomy is an organizational structure for your analysis results.

Taxonomies allow you to view the results of your build analysis in unlimited ways. By default, there are three taxonomies: C and C++, Java, and C#. Each taxonomy contains multiple categories, and each category contains multiple issue types.

A Klocwork administrator can create taxonomies, each with a distinct set of checkers, to match an organization's reporting needs. Any particular checker can appear in multiple taxonomies; many of the checkers in the MISRA C taxonomy, for example, also appear in the MISRA C++ taxonomy.

Klocwork administrators can organize Klocwork checkers between analysis runs and make the new organizational structure immediately available for reporting in Validate. Developers using Connected desktop can group or filter their detected issues by taxonomy as well.

For how-to information, see Configuring checkers for the integration build analysis.

To see an example of how taxonomies are applied and used in Validate and connected desktops, see Tutorial - Creating a taxonomy and viewing the results.