Projects_root directory

The projects_root directory stores data for the Klocwork Servers and applications.

It contains Klocwork Server settings and information about integration projects and build analysis runs. It also stores the Klocwork license file.

The default location for Unix and Windows is <server_install>/projects_root:

The Klocwork Servers use the projects_root directory as their access point for project data as well as server configuration and logging information. The directory data is split between MariaDB and Lucene database storage:

  • Build information, such as metrics, entities and relationships, is stored in MariaDB.
  • Defect data from Klocwork analysis is stored in Lucene.

The projects_root directory must be in a location that all the Klocwork Server hosts can access.

Do not locate the projects_root directory on NFS to avoid issues with file locking.

The maximum length of the path to the projects_root directory is 68 to 72 characters, depending on the length of the Database Server port number (1 to 5 digits).

It is important to choose a location for the projects_root directory that has, and will continue to have, adequate space.

Aside from the Klocwork license file and external documents in the custom_reports subdirectory, the projects_root directory and its subdirectories should contain only files created automatically by Klocwork. Manually adding other files can cause errors.

The License Server uses only the projects_root/licenses directory, and the Database Server uses only the projects_root/data directory. No other Klocwork Server requires access to these two directories.